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Sample Calculator: CBD Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR) Incentive

    *1) Do you have "Work Authorization / Visa" to work in India?
  • *2) Your total work experience in US IT Staffing/ Recruiting?
  • *3) Your sample C2C “Vendor Margin” to CBD (Ex: $5/hour):$Incentive$ per hour
  • *4) Willing to refer consultant to Cloud Big Data W-2? Incentive$ per hour
    • *Your Name
    • *Email
    • *Phone
    • +91
  • D) *How much ICR commission do you like to share with another “ICR” for supplying quality resume?:$ per hour (If resume supplied by outside recruiter/Non-ICR, then you will get full 30% of the vendor margin)
  • E) If resume supplied by Cloud BigD ICR, your “NET” ICR commission:$ per hourINR per month
    (30% of B + C – D)(Today's dollar exchange Rate 1 USD = Rs. 68.5062/-)
  • Thank you for visiting CBD India Operations Web Page. If you would like to know about the availability of Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR) Opportunity in your home country, please contact us via e-mail at ICR-HelpDesk@cloudbigd.com. Our Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR) support team would assist you at the earliest.
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